So who are Faster-Fitness?

Based at Optimal Performance, Salisbury’s No1 Functional training studio. Faster-Fitness are experts in High Intensity Interval Strength Training (HIIST). A system designed to help busy people achieve much more from their training.
Faster-Fitness specialise in helping busy professionals between the ages of 30-65 looking to get back into shape. Professionals that are short on time but want to achieve the maximum results with the time available to them.

Using short burst High Metabolic routines based on functional training, Faster-Fitness Clients can be sure of receiving the very best level of training & routines.

As the Souths leading Certified kettlebell trainers with over 10 years of 1-1 & Group kettlebell training experience. Along with 12 years total client training and learning from some of the top minds in the industry, Faster-Fitness will take your training to another level.

The Workouts

At Faster-Fitness we design routines for people with busy lives looking to achieve as much as they can in a short time.
Kettlebells, Trx, Powerbags, Free weights and the like challenge the body far more than any fixed weights machine or cardio machine will ever do.
By using HIIT based timings along with pyramid training, faster-fitness workouts will maximise your time available and help achieve the results you want.


  • Certified Extreme Kettlebell Trainer
  • Trx Certified Trainer
  • Functional Patterns Certified Movement Practitioner
  • Chek Certified Exercise coach
  • Certified Olympic Lifting Coach
  • Chek Certified Program Design Coach
  • Chek Certified Advanced Program Design Coach