We’ve listened and we’ve responded!

9 Memberships left – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

As requested by our clients we are now doing early sessions for the early risers.
Sessions start at 06.00 and finish at 06.45.


Get ready to PUNCH your way through a Monday with a hard hitting start to the week with a full on boxing based workout bringing an amazing all over muscle burn with a fantastic cardio and core workout.


Strengthen yourself for the rest of the week and condition like never before, building lean muscle to help create a maximum fat burn.


High Intensity Interval Training is known in the the fitness industry as an amazing way to burn huge calories and fats. BLAST out the end of the week!

Sounds Perfect! Where do I sign up?

8 + 2 =

Where’s the studio?

Unit 3, Portway Business Centre
Old Sarum

What’s the cost?

£5.50 a class, with three classes a week being payable at the rounded figure of £65.00 monthly

Faster Fitness is part of the Optimal Performance Clinic, Salisbury

Optimal Performance Clinic Early Risers T&C’s

1: Membership will be paid via standing order on a 4 week basis to the bank account of Ultimate Health & Performance to the amount of £84 every 4 weeks.
2: Membership is capped at 10 people maximum.
3: Classes are 3 per week, 12 per month. Members are expected to commit to attending a minimum of 10 per month.
4: Sessions missed due to illness shall be accepted.
6: Sessions will start at 06:00 and run for 45 minutes maximum
6: Optimal Performance Clinic shall accept no responsibility for injuries received if not following the guidance of the Optimal Performance instructor
7: No responsibility shall be accepted of injuries not mentioned prior to starting training.
8: A months non refundable paid notice shall be given by members wishing to leave the group.